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We redefine the PR landscape by offering a unique alternative to top consultancies and Lawyers without burning a hole in your pocket!

Making Canada PR

Simpler, Easier & Affordable

Hi, I am Ajay Naveen, founder of Maple Assistance.


Years ago, when I wanted to get Canada PR, I didn't expect it to be a big deal. I was kind of lost at the beginning, like everyone else.


So, I talked to different consultants who promised an easy PR visa. I followed their advice, but it turned out to be a waste of one and a half years with no success. That's when I decided to figure things out on my own.


I cracked the IELTS multiple times and understood the whole Canada PR process. Now, I want to share what I learned to help you save time, effort, and money. I've already helped over 200 people with their IELTS scores and guided families to get their Canada PR without getting scammed by consultants.


Let's unlock these secrets together!

About Me

PR in simpler way
Ajay Naveen, founder of Maple Assistance

Our Solutions

Guide yourself through the challenging process of obtaining Canada PR without relying on expensive consultants. Access step-by-step information to streamline document procedures and secure your PR without breaking the bank.

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Getting Canada PR 

From receiving random quotes from lawyers and consultants to feeling lost, we understand your struggle!  Allow us to guide you with effective strategies and stand by you through every step.

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Converting Your TR To PR

Let's chat about upcoming academic programs, admissions, and intakes to fuel your academic future! Have any burning questions for your journey towards obtaining a Study/Work Permit?

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Applying For Study/Work Permit

Boasting over 300+ success stories, I'm ready to assist you as well with my exclusive strategies and tips to achieve a stellar IELTS score of 8777 in your upcoming test!

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Cracking IELTS with 8777+