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The First and Only kind of program which lets you learn the process and do It by all by yourself without having the fear of being misrepresented!


The "Canada Connect 2.0" is a DIY program aimed at Canadian PR aspirants who want to save money and have control over their application process. This program includes IELTS training, and clients receive step-by-step guidance to ensure their applications are correctly submitted.


Unlike traditional consultancies, the program provides complete transparency and allows clients to maintain
control over their applications. The program is ideal for those who are hesitant to start their PR application due to financial or clarity concerns.

Get Access To This Program For Just CA$ 2,500

Start Your Canada PR Journey Today!

Why Choose Maple Assistance

 Five years of expertise in IELTS preparation and Canadian PR application process.

Five years of extensive expertise in both IELTS preparation and the Canadian PR application process.

5 Years+ Experience

 400K+ Seeking Advice Every Year

Guaranteeing that each client I choose fulfills their dream of living in Canada, all while actively participating in and mastering the PR process on their own!

100% Happy Stories

Carefully PR application submission

Carefully choosing and focusing only on the applications that I have confidence in and wish to work on, amid the multitude of options.

13% Application Acceptance Rate

Success Stories of PR Aspirants

Conducting over 80 seminars annually and engaging with over 400,000 PR aspirants.

400K+ Seeking Advice Every Year

1250+ People Have Already Taken Action

Meet Sowmitha & Karthick

Sowmitha and Karthick fled to Canada on 18th May previous year. They started the Canadian PR journey with Maple Assistance way back in 2019. But due to covid their file was put on hold and they received their PR only on April 2022. It was a long and tiring wait not just for them but also for us as well, in this candid interview we discuss about their experiences, thought process, and future plans.

Preeti Recently Got Her PR!

Preeti aimed to initiate her journey towards Canada PR independently in 2021, yet she sought precise guidance to navigate the process without errors. Upon discovering the steep fees charged by consultants for tasks she already comprehended, she opted to proceed with Maple Assistance. Recently, she successfully obtained her PR, also saved Lakhs of Rupees and got the PR much faster than an Average Canada PR Aspirant!

Here's Aravind's Journey!

Aravind arrived in Canada in 2022 with the intention of obtaining PR status. Finding the PR process daunting and costly when consulting with lawyers and consultants, he opted to join us for assistance. Under our guidance, he commenced the process and recently received his Invitation to Apply (ITA).



- Complete guidance on the Canada PR process
- Save time by avoiding lengthy research
- Increase your chances of success with our expertise
- Personalised Roadmap based on your Application

- 100% Transparency of your application


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