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IRCC is now accepting community applications for two new pilot programs

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is now accepting applications from communities for two exciting new pilot programs. The two pilot programs are officially set to begin onboarding and training selected communities this fall. They both aim to support Canada’s “long-term growth and (our) linguistic vitality”.

What are these programs?

1. Rural Community Immigration Pilot

Under this is the Farmers Program, which is aimed at addressing Canada's need for more skilled and hardworking farmers. This program aims to streamline the immigration process for qualified farmers and offer them permanent residency in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria:- Candidates must demonstrate the ability to pursue a career in agriculture, or have experience or training in agriculture. The program also prioritizes candidates who are already working in Canada in the agricultural sector or have ties to Canadian agriculture.

2. Francophone Community Immigration Pilot

French-speaking Newcomers Program, which aims to attract and retain French-speaking newcomers to Canada. This program seeks to strengthen the country's Francophone communities and contribute to the vitality and diversity of French-language minority communities.

Eligibility Criterion:-  applicants must be proficient in French and meet the other requirements needed for immigration to Canada. The program prioritizes candidates who intend to settle in a province or territory where French is the majority language.

  • Applying for these programs is a simple process. Interested candidates can complete and submit their applications through the IRCC website. The application process includes filling out forms, providing required documents, and paying any applicable fees.

The benefits of participating in these pilot programs

The Farmers Program

French-speaking Newcomers Program


Qualifications and skills required for permanent residency in Canadian agriculture

Encourages newcomers with French-speaking backgrounds to settle in Canada


Providing Canadian farmers and rural communities access to talent abroad

Supports and resources newcomers to integrate into their communities and thriving

As a result, the IRCC is now accepting applications from the community for two new pilot programs. These programs aim to address the specific immigration needs of farmers and French-speaking newcomers. If you are eligible for these programs and interested in pursuing permanent residency in Canada, we encourage you to explore the opportunities and apply today.


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