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Top Reasons for IRCC Refusal of Post-Graduation Work Permit - PGWP Applications


International students who have finished specific Canadian post-secondary programs are eligible to apply for work permits under Canada's Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) program after they graduate. Graduates can work for any company in any province in Canada since work permits are available.

It is an excellent program that makes Canadian postsecondary institutions more competitive abroad, and for overseas graduates hoping to eventually gain permanent residence in Canada, it is typically a necessary intermediate step.

Therefore, a lot of overseas students apply every year under the false impression that they would be able to continue in the program after graduation, only to learn halfway through that they are not able to. Therefore, every international student studying in Canada must comprehend how the PGWP program operates.

Common Reasons for PGWP Refusal

Failure to meet eligibility criteria - A graduation could be completed in eight months and international graduate must have always studied full-time outside of their final semester which leads to a degree, diploma, or certificate.

Missing required documents -  IRCC does mandate the submission of one of the following three documents as part of every PGWP application

  • An official letter from the student’s DLI confirming they have completed their program of study

  • An official transcript from the student’s DLI

  • A copy of the student’s transcript from DLI website

Unexplained study gap - For some reason, when students take emergency leave or a break from studies, IRCC does not allow them to start the PGWP application process.

Late application submission - IRCC provides international graduates with 180 days to apply for a PGWP (from the day their DLI issues final grades to students). Those who do not submit their application during this period will have their permit application refused by IRCC.

Failure to maintain legal status in Canada - students must make sure their study permit does not expire and they maintain legal status in Canada while they apply for a PGWP.

Tips for Successful Applications

Provide actionable tips for applicants to increase their chances of approval, including:

  • Ensuring all required documents are submitted accurately.

  • Securing financial stability during the work permit period.

  • Seeking relevant work experience and job offers.

  • Applying within the appropriate timeframe.

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