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Unlock Your Canadian PR Dream

Learn the ins and outs of the Express Entry process for Permanent Residency with this free tutorial. I'll also show you how I can help you get your PR smoothly.

Did You Know?

Approximately 90% of those who dream of starting a new life in Canada are unable to reach their goal.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Consultancies charge exorbitant amounts, ranging from Rs. 80,000/- to Rs. 1,50,000/- upfront, just to initiate the Canadian PR process.


After paying the Consultancies, aspirants are left in the dark, with no updates about their PR application and no access to their profile usernames and passwords.


Working with consultancies means giving up control over the application process.


Poor communication with consultancies can leave individuals feeling frustrated and uncertain, making their Canadian Dream seem even further out of reach.


Consultancies provide no assistance once individuals land in Canada, leaving newcomers to navigate the challenges of settling in a new country with zero support.


Working with unverified or fraudulent consultancies can lead to legal issues, jeopardizing the entire immigration process and putting the individual's chance of obtaining Canadian PR at risk.




The "Canada Connect 2.0" is a DIY program aimed at Canadian PR aspirants who want to save money and have control over their application process. This program includes IELTS training, and clients receive step-by-step guidance to ensure their applications are correctly submitted.


Unlike traditional consultancies, the program provides complete transparency and allows clients to maintain
control over their applications. The program is ideal for those who are hesitant to start their PR application due to financial or clarity concerns.

Canada Connect 2.0 Guide

There Are 5 Stages In This Program


Preparation Stage

Crack your IELTS and get your ECA report done.


Profile Creation Stage

We will help you creating your Express Entry Profile


Post ITA Stage

Receive a checklist of documents, submit them, and make the payment.


Pre-Landing Stage

Get guidance on Canadian provinces, LinkedIn profile optimization, client interaction, and other important factors.


Premium Arrival Support

Upon completion of Stage 4, you will gain access to Stage 5, which is our "Premium Arrival Support" service. Our team will assist you with finding suitable housing, job hunting, financial planning, and providing referral services

We have a 13% Acceptance Rate, as we only accept applications when we are confident that we can add value to your Canadian PR dream.

We will be understanding your Profile & Eligibility For Canada PR. Share your goals and aspirations for starting a new life in Canada.

Your Profile

You can clarify any doubts or questions you may have about the Canada PR Program. We will ensure that all your queries are addressed and answered.

All Your Doubts

Based on your application and profile, we will provide you with a personalised roadmap to guide you through the Canada PR application process.

Best Route For You

We will provide expert advice on the eligibility requirements, the process, and the documentation needed to fulfil your future plans.

Future Guidance

Here's What We'll Discuss!

Why Choose

Maple Assistance

more than 5 years of experience

Five years of extensive expertise in both IELTS preparation and the Canadian PR application process.

5 Years+ Experience

more happy clients

Guaranteeing that each client I choose fulfills their dream of living in Canada, all while actively participating in and mastering the PR process on their own!

100% Happy Stories

more application revied and submitted

Carefully choosing and focusing only on the applications that I have confidence in and wish to work on, amid the multitude of options.

13% Application Acceptance Rate

seeking advice from maple assistance

Conducting over 80 seminars annually and engaging with over 400,000 PR aspirants.

400K+ Seeking Advice Every Year

1250+ People Have Already Taken Action

Meet Sowmitha & Karthick

Sowmitha and Karthick fled to Canada on 18th May previous year. They started the Canadian PR journey with Maple Assistance way back in 2019. But due to covid their file was put on hold and they received their PR only on April 2022. It was a long and tiring wait not just for them but also for us as well, in this candid interview we discuss about their experiences, thought process, and future plans.


- Personalised guidance on the Canada PR Visa process
- Golden chance to clarify even that slightest doubt or questions you may have
- Save time by avoiding lengthy research
- Increase your chances of success by getting professional assistance
- Personalised Roadmap based on your Application

IN JUST Rs. 2499 Rs. 999/-

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